Gammatrade Diamond Cut Lathe Technology & Refurbishment

Generally about CNC machines

CNC machines  are a big part of our offer but have you ever wondered how these complex machines do the hard part of the work? First of all, let’s talk about the operating mechanism in general. CNC machines are operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a command module that is located on the device. In modern CNC systems, end-to-end component design is highly automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine by use of a post processor, and then loaded into the CNC machines for production. Nowadays modern machines often combine multiple tools as some processes might require the use of a number of different tools e. g. drills, saws etc. 

Motion is controlled in multiple directions, at least along x and y axis and the tool is working in depth. The motion of the tool is driven by motors in order to provide highly accurate movements. As the controller hardware evolved, the mills themselves also evolved. One change has been to enclose the entire mechanism in a large box as a safety measure, often with additional safety interlocks to ensure the operator is far enough from the working piece for safe operation. Most new CNC systems built today are 100% electronically controlled. CNC systems are now used for any process that can be described as a series of movements and operations. Sounds pretty complex, doesn’t it?

CNC wheel lathe machines

Our CNC machines are following the same principles, however we are focusing only on repairing and refurbishing rim alloy rims as we aimed for the title of ’THE RIM STRAIGHTENER EXPERT’. We, at the Gammatrade would like to serve our clients on the highest quality. To sustain this standard of our service at Gammatrade are focusing on our customer’s demands therefore we managed to come up with the best CNC machines to make your work in repairing wheels and rims way easier. It’s primary for us to meet our clients’ satisfaction so they can furthermore call us the Rim Care Experts.

GammaTrade CNC lathe machines

Let me introduce our CNC machine selection! We offer 3 different machines, the GAMMAGT CNC22B DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE, the GAMMAGT CNC27M DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE, and the GAMMAGT CNC28MA MAXI DIAMOND CUT CNC LATHE MACHINE. The main difference between these 3 machines in our offer is the size. CNC22B DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE can be used for repairing wheels up to 22”. The other two machines are bigger so that they are able to repair at the size of 27″ and 28” of alloy wheels. With these professional diamond cut machines you can reproduce the original special surface feature the circumference. Our machine has been developed for non-CNC expert users, for that reason they can be used pretty easily but of course we provide training and technical support as well.  The training is completely free (for US customers only), it means we cover the cost of your flight and accommodation and it takes 1 day. Our showroom is located in Miami, Florida. We will let you know the best using of these high-end machines. 
All of our CNC alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish wheels. All you have to do is just to apply the machine to the full face and lip of the wheel. The next part of the process different from the standard painted wheel as the wheel now has to mounted on our CNC lathe machine so the face of the wheel can be machined to get the Diamond cut finish. Once the wheel has been machined it is then cleaned and then ready for the lacquer to be applied. Our diamond cut lathe machines you can prepare easier and faster the refurbishing alloy wheels, safe labor and money. The whole process can be seen on this short video:
If you are running a wheel repair business and looking for Professional solution to restore manufactured quality surface You are at the right place, GammaTrade offer Professional CNC alloy wheel lathe machines for best value of your money with affordable and lowest price in the market. We know it’s sometimes hard to outline all of the many reasons why an equipment lease might make sense for your customers. But we offer a solution also for this problem. Now financing is available through our trusted partners on all garage equipment.
If you would like to get more info or looking for special deals do not hesitate to contact us.