Rim Straightening FAQ

How can I start a rim repair business?

If you have an existing shop that includes basic tire service equipment (tire changer, balancer, compressor, lift or jack, and more accessories), you can easily add this new service to an existing business. 

When I buy rim straighteners are they ready to use?

Yes, when you buy the machine, it’s ready to use, all accessories are included. 

How long has GammaTrade been in the business?

The GammaTrade was established in 2012, but in Europe, our original garage equipment supplier has been running since 1990, so we have more than 30 years of experience in this business. 

I have a tire shop and almost every day people come in with damaged wheels, is it worth starting a rim repair service?

Short answer, yes, but you must know more details. Please ask our expert and we can help determine what’s the best solution. 

What kind of damages can be on the wheel?

There can be two types of damages are possible, structural and cosmetic. 

Can all rims be fixed?

In theory, all kinds of damaged rims can be repaired. Except in some cases, for example, a center-bent wheel. There are many situations, so in general, we would say that you can easily judge after a few weeks in the business. 

Which part of the rim suffers the most? 

The typical rim damage is on the inner side of the rim, which can’t be seen when the wheel is on the car. That is why we need to check the condition of the rim every time when we change your tires. Those damages that can be seen are only on the face part, or on the lip of the rim, but most of them are only cosmetic damages. Of course, all of the mentioned damages can be repaired with our machines. 

A broken wheel is repairable?  

Short answer, yes, but not all broken wheel is recommended to be repaired. 

What does the CNC lathe machine do on the wheel? 

It makes an original surface from an injured or repaired surface. 

Where is the GammaTrade machine made?

We choose our machines from multiply factories in different parts of the World. The goal is to provide the best quality in all categories, for this reason, it doesn’t matter which country it was made in. 

What is the input power needed for rim straighteners?

Most of the machines work with 208 to 230V, 1 phase, but we have 110V, 1 phase rim repair machine for those who don’t have 220V. 

Need compressed air to use rim repair machines? 

For operation, our rim repair machines do not use compressed air. Someone uses it, to clean the machine or rim.

What kind of protection necessary when using the rim repair machine?

You need to protect your eyes and hands. You must wear industrial eyeglasses and gloves. For added safety, the machine operator needs to read the manual and check the safety labels on the machine. 

Where is Gammatrade located?

Our office and warehouse in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale area. 

What does free shipping mean?

In the US for all 48 states, you do not have to pay anything for shipping. Only for heavy machines, you would need to provide a forklift to unload from the shipping truck. Foreign buyers are also free until the country border, except for custom duty fees. Please ask for more details. 

Would I have to wash the wheel before starting a repair?

Most of the time it is not necessary to wash the wheel, enough for local cleaning where it has damage, but when you are completely refurbishing a wheel you need to wash the wheel.

How much can I charge for a repair?

Average straightening goes from 65 to 220 USD. Do the math, two rims a day, 5 days a week. That is $640 a week with the lowest fee ($65). More than 30k a year. Our basic level machine is around $4k!