Gammatrade at Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando (2017 Jan)

Gammatrade at the 16th annual Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando on the 19-21st of January, 2017

At GammaTrade we always considered that is important to represent our brand not only online but also in live events. That’s why we are trying to be a part of every meaningful automotive industrial expos and events from time to time. For that reason, we visited the 16th annual three-day Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, FL which was held from the 19th till 21st of January. The Mobile Tech Expo offers everything we need in this industry – education, networking and information exclusively for the automotive aftermarket industry.

This year we wanted to show the audiance of the Expo two of our most popular and useful straightener machines, the Speedyround Plus and the Junior S.
The Speedyround Plus is the only one full automatic rim straightener in the world with the capacity of repairing one rim on the first side and use the lathe independently on the other side. The machine is made in Italy, and it lives up to the highest standards as a state of the art machine. The product features unique solutions making it perfect tool to repair large rims in a safe and professional manner.
Our other machine, the Junior S is an entry level hydraulic rim straightener for smaller shops or mobile units offering rim straightening services for their customers. Many times the damage can only be seen once the tire is removed and clients has to face the fact that they need their rims to be repaired. As it’s very easy and simple to use, the damage can be repaired immidiately on the spot. Small shops love this machine because they can offer a great service and convinience for their customers on a very fair price.
Both of the machines were very popular during the Expo, we met lots of curious and interested guests which was an amazing experience for us and also a good feedback for our work.

But not only these two equipments caught the attention of our audiance. Many of them asked for some other state of the art machines. Eventhough we had exhibited only these two, we could also offer them some solutions from our variety of state of the art beauties!
We have different CNC machines as well. With our Professional Diamond cut machines you can reproduce original special surface feature, the circumference on any rims in different sizes (depending on the chosen machine).
The other great product is our PANGEA RIM STRAIGHTENER which is a professional rim straightener and repair with lathe. It is not only for pushing but pulling as well. It ensures you a hands-free operation. We can say honestly that this is the best rim straightening equipment on the market nowadays.

And finally, we are proudly announce that we have been awarded on the Expo! Miklos Varga, our professional technician, moreover, one of the foot-stones of the Gammatrade has won the award of ’2017 Wheel Restoration Person of the Year’! Congratulations!