Gammatrade in Italy (Bologna 2017 May)

Hey Guys,

We are glad to announce you that the latest generation of CNC Diamond Cut Lathe machines has arrived to Europe! And the best is that Gammatrade brought it there.

Last week we visited one of the biggest event of the automotive industry in Europe, the Autopromotec in Bologna, Italy. The biennial expo is gathering all automotive aftermarket product groups under one roof: from tires to car service, from workshop equipment to spare parts. It was expected to be the largest and most international edition ever in Europe, an indispensable meeting point for exhibitors and visitors from around the world. We can say that it absolutelly exceeded everyone’s expectations!

This year’s Autopromotec had attracted about 1,700 exhibitors including our company, the GammaTrade! We had recognized that this is gonna be our time! It was the perfect opportunity to show the professional audiance the latest generation of CNC machines, our GAMMAGT CNC28LT DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE which is absolutelly unique and incomparable to any other CNC machines on the market nowadays!

GAMMAGT CNC28LT is the newest and lightest CNC diamond lathe machine on the market today, with developed probe and cutting system, and built in touch screen, which helps you to reduce the repairing time as you do not need to transfer data. Once the machine has automatically probed the wheel profile there is no need for transfer data with USB from the CNC to a PC and then back. Easy and simple to use, right?

The experience that we got there was amazing! So many people from all over the world wanted to see our machine during work. Many of them were just wondering but there were numerous serious interested who were caught by our future-technology! Luckily, we arrived at the expo well-prepared enough to be able to cut scratched wheels all day long for our visitors! We didn’t mind to work for them as they unequivocally loved it!

Summarizing all above we are proud of that we could be an important part of this fantastic trade show, and we are glad that we are the one who are representing the newest technology of diamond cut lathe machines, now also in Europe!
If you missed our GAMMAGT CNC28LT at the Autopromotec, check it out during work:
If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.