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CRIS Dolly, Vehicle Mover


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Move and position any vehicle easily without starting the engine! CRIS will help you to put your cars in position so you can handle them easily.

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Thanks to CRIS electric dolly

  • You can organize faster the parking cars in your storage, service, or showroom area
  • Save labor time and save money
  • Can put closer the cars each other and reach narrow and tight places, thanks to better maneuver than cars
  • You can avoid damage and scratch, because you see the car outside view, same than somebody gives the driver instruction for direction
  • No exhaust gas and smelt
  • Not have to start the engine and prepare the car to go
  • A broken car can move only by one person
  • Expensive, old or special sports car harmful to start short time, you can avoid damage by CRIS dolly
  • Can towing any cars which have forbidden places


  • Variable speed control with forwarding and reverse gear
  • Checking the emergency and the direction of rotation of the drive wheel
  • Telescopic adjustment variable with appropriate longitudinal hydraulic actuators
  • Enables movement of vehicles from both the front and rear wheels
  • Able to rotate the vehicle in 360 degrees
  • Capable of lifting vehicles involved in accidents
  • Ability to lift partially as a traditional car dolly
  • Header gripping hydraulically for the possibility of extracting vehicles in confined spaces
  • Hydraulic stabilizers automatically extractable
  • Software for the management of the machine
  • The rear platform for the operator
  • LED front headlights for local low-light

Additional information

Weight 1145 kg
Towing Weigh

up to 3200kg (on floor)

Loading Capacit

1200 kg (nominal value) – 1600 kg (max limit allowed)

Power Sourc


Charging Tim

7 – 8 hours

Adjustable Spee

up to 5 km/h

Turning Diamete

2.4 m


1130 mm (internal – 2220 mm (external)


max. 5% (fully loaded)

Side slop

max. 3%


24 V / 110 Ah – (gel is optional)


1200 W


1146 lbs (520 kg)


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