Rim Straightener PORTABLE Easy Round

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– small portable body, perfect for mobile shops too

– adapt turntable of your tire changer machine
– mechanic hydraulic pump system
– Time to fix wheels with regular damage: 5-10 min

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Manual and portable rim repair machine.

Gives you the chance to extend your shop’s services, offering rim repair to your customers.


Technical details:

Appliance weight – 23,5 kg
Operating pressure – 0-400 bar
Maximum wheel width – 10″
Maximum wheel diameter – 18″
Minimum wheel diameter – 13″
Length – 300 mm;
Height – 370 mm
Depth – 300 mm;
Can repair up to 22″ with optional additional bracket


Adapter to repair 19 – 22″ wheel sizes

Additional information

Weight 51.8 kg
Technical features

Sits on the turntable of your tire changer machine

Range of work

Wheels from 13" to 18" (19"- 22" with additional tool kit)

Work pressures

0-400 bar


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