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FASEP V558 Crossfire Digital 3D Wheel Balancer


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V558 is the video balancing machine where you can find everything you need at a great price. Like superior models, the V558 incorporates the new 16-bit electronics for low-speed balancing. With Easy ALU pyramidal basement.

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  • Computerized automatic wheel balancer
  • Suitable for Car, Vans, SUVs and Light Trucks wheels
  • 16-bit high-tech electronics G4.EASY electronic motor control
  • 3Ph Motor with electronic control (inverter)
  • Low Speed (98 RPM)
  • Monitor LCD 19″
  • WinCE Operating System
  • BASIC level wheel balancing software
  • IFS Heavy Duty flange system (max 90 kg)
  • TRI.S3NSOR 3 Piezo sensors measuring system
  • Shaft 40 mm
  • Shaft height 700 mm
  • 256 steps position sensor
  • Easy ALU piramidal basement
  • Quick-Lock nut
  • Mechanical brake pedal for easy wheel mounting and application of weights
  • Automatic Start-Stop
  • Stop-on-position Automatic positioning system APS2 (with run-time correction) (G3 only)
  • 2D automatic data input (distance+diameter)
  • Wheel-guard with automatic start of wheel spin
  • Self Calibration with Calibration weight
  • Self Diagnostic
  • AFC (Automatic Flange Calibration)
  • ALU programs (stick-on weights)
  • ALU-SE / Alu-PAX program for application of stick-on weights.
  • AUTOSELECT2 function (automatic balancing mode selection DYN-ALU)
  • Tire-Rim Dynamic Unbalance Matching (Optimization)
  • ASF Alu Special Functions (ALU-Mat, ALU-Din)
  • MOTO program
  • User Setup
  • SPLIT program (Hidden Weights)
  • FAST program
  • MARS program for Static minimization
  • STATS program
  • FCC program
  • Cones 42-98 mm
  • Max wheel weight 90 kg
  • Rim diam. 8-26″
  • Max wheel diam 864 mm (34″) (with wheel-guard)
  • Max wheel width 415 mm (16″)

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