FASEP V688 Laser 3D Touchless Wheel Balancer


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Laser 3D Touchless Wheel Balancer offers everything All-inclusive.

It also comes with TOP-LIGHT above the machine, with two led lights points to improve brightness in the working area, and two lasers to show with great accuracy the position of the weight to be applied on the tire clothespin.

SKU: E664.003-V688.G3.PL.UT


Touch monitor, Electro-Pneu Lock, EMB, 3D Touchless Input, Laser


  • Computerized automatic wheel balancer.
  • Suitable for Cars, Vans, SUVs, and Light Trucks’ wheels.
  • 16-bit high-tech electronics
  • G3.EXTREME electronic motor control (Inverter).
  • USB port for program updates and diagnostics.
  • 3Ph Motor with electronic control (inverter).
  • Low Speed (98 RPM). Monitor LCD Touch 22″ 16:9.
  • WinCE Operating System. FULL level wheel balancing software.
  • IFS Heavy Duty flange system (max 90 kg).
  • TRI.S3NSOR 3 Piezo sensors measuring system.
  • Shaft 40 mm.
  • 256 steps position sensor.
  • Easy ALU basement.
  • PL Electro-Pneumatic Lock.
  • EMB Electromagnetic Brake (Lock-in-position).
  • Automatic Start-Stop.
  • Stop-on-position Automatic positioning system APS2 (with run-time correction) (G3 only).
  • 3D Touchless data input (distance+diameter+width).
  • LASER Point system for the application of stick-on-weights.
  • Wheel-guard with automatic start of wheel spin. Side Cabinet.
  • Lower Wheel-guard.
  • Back-mounted weight compartment.
  • TOP LIGHT – Clip-on weight laser indication and working zone lighting system.
  • Self Calibration with the Calibration weight.
  • Self Diagnostic.
  • AFC (Automatic Flange Calibration).
  • ALU programs (stick-on weights).
  • ALU-SE / Alu-PAX program for application of stick-on weights.
  • AUTOSELECT2 function (automatic balancing mode selection DYN-ALU).
  • Tire-Rim Dynamic Unbalance Matching (Optimization).
  • ASF Alu Special Functions (ALU-Mat, ALU-Din).
  • MOTO program.
  • User Setup.
  • SPLIT program (Hidden Weights).
  • FAST program.
  • MARS program for Static minimization.
  • DOUBLE OPERATOR program.
  • STATS program.
  • WOW Weight Saving function.
  • FCC program. Cones 42-98 mm.
  • Max wheel weight 90 kg.
  • Rim max diam. 10-26″.
  • Max wheel diam 864 mm (34″) (with wheel-guard).
  • Shipping volume: 123cm x 103cm x 164cm – Weight:170.00kg
  • Voltage Rating: 220-240 VAC 50-60Hz 1Ph

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Weight 170 kg


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