FEMAS PWL60 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter


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Manual wheel centering by pedal device, fix body and wheel support sliding, single working position on wheel balancer side.



Wheel lift for Easier, Faster, and Ergonomic work. Made in Italy.
Pneumatic Wheel lifter for automatic wheel centering, fix body and wheel support slide, single working position on wheel balancer side. Balancing wheels is a basic-level service that is available in every tire shop. It’s of prime importance which means it has to be done as perfectly as possible. This pneumatic wheel lifter can help you to do your best! This universal equipment can be used also for left-sided balancer machines.

Have you ever considered how difficult and heavy your work is? Let’s count with an average value of 25 balanced wheels per day, about 40-50 lbs. / wheel. That’s more than 1000 lbs of weight lifted with your own hands and back on the balancer machine. It means an average day you lift and hold 2000 lbs. You do the same things on the Tire changer. That sounds a lot! Not only in time but also for your health. In the long-term, this constant weight-lifting can easily harm you. So it’s time to find an ergonomic solution that helps you to maintain your help and also to improve the level of your service!

Additional information

Weight 165 kg
Technical dat

FEMAS PWL60 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter

Working Pressur

6 – 10 Bar

Max. wheel weigh

176 lbs (80 kg)

Min. Wheel diamete

520 mm

Max. wheel diamete

900 mm

Lifting rang

690 – 730 mm


106 lbs (48 kg)


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