Gamma gt smartcure UV cure for mobile bussinesses


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These Ultra Violet Curing Cabinets are manufactured in the UK and specifically designed to work with UV (Ultra Violet light) cured primer & clearcoat to significantly reduce curing times and improve the quality of high gloss finish.

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  • CLEAN HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS by curing finishes in an enclosed cabinet
  • PROGRAMMED UV LIGHT RUN CYCLE & ROTATING TURNTABLE ensure coatings are cured in minutes
  • UV PROTECTIVE viewing screen & power CUT-OUT switching protect the operator
  • RAPID COMPLETE CURE of UV coatings helps reduce CARBON FOOTPRINT* by using State of the Art Ultra Violet Light Technology – *compared to traditional high-consumption Infra Red heat lamps.
  • The curing cycle is fully automated with one-touch operation,
  • A ‘rolling road assembly’ inside the cabinet
  • countdown timer and audible alarm upon completion.
  • Cycle time is programmable depending on cure time
  • required.
  • A large aluminum turntable allows objects of various
  • shapes to be fully cured in the SMARTcure.
  • Convenient storage in the base of SMARTcure.

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