GammaGT Smartsukker Single tray


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This mini-booth is manufactured and designed as a freestanding plug & go mini spray booth – ideal for alloy wheel repairs or the refinish of any small items & components and for mobile installations. Made in the UK.

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  • Optional “Twin” top shown with cross supports
  • and rollers for use when spraying alloy wheels.
  • General Description:
  • The smartsukker is a highly efficient freestanding fume extract system with 4-stage filtration specifically designed for the repair industry and small workshop/space.
  • Contaminated air is drawn into the unit for filtration and the resulting cleaned air is exhausted via a side outlet to be ducted to the atmosphere.
  • The steel-encased sukker unit contains a bank of 4 filters easily accessible, one via the top and three via a removable front access panel.
  • These filters remove dust and contaminants that are drawn into the top of the unit by the powerful motor/fan in the base. The cleaned air is exhausted through a duct on the lower side of the cabinet.
  • The fan motor is powered from a standard 13amp socket to which an RCD (residual current device) must be fitted. Ventilation air for the motor unit is supplied through the smaller vent near the base of the cabinet and this must remain unobstructed at all times.
  • The smartsukker is designed to extract fumes associated with SMART & small components refinishing processes i.e. requiring the application of 150ml or less – Isocyanate-free products.
  • SMART: Small and Medium Area Repair Technique
  • The powerful downdraught airflow & wheel rotating support provide operators with the best opportunity to achieve…. HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS by ensuring finishes areas free of dust and inclusions as possible and meet HEALTH & SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL responsibilities by helping to control the fumes from the refinishing process. Unique mini booth helps create a clean and controlled environment within a mobile unit… Powerful Downdraught Extract with 4-stage Filtration Monitored Airflow ensuring optimum performance Single or Double Alloy Wheel Rack can hold & allow rotation of alloy wheel, with or without fitted tire Ergonomically designed Wheel Rack helps operator comfort High side wheel rack cowling maximises fume extract efficiency & vortex airflow around the wheel is particularly useful for water-based paints

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