GammaGT CNC28LT Diamond cut Lathe Machine


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With our Professional Diamond cut machines, you can reproduce the original special surface feature, the circumference on any rims up to 28″.




CNC28LT Diamond Cut Lathe Machine


The newest and lightest CNC diamond lathe machine on the market with a developed probe and cutting system, and built-in touch screen, which helps you to reduce the repairing time as you do not need to transfer data.



Just PROBE & Diamond CUT!

Easy and simple to use
process steps;

1 – Probe for digitizing.
2 – Diamond cut the wheel.

Once the machine has automatically probed the wheel profile there is no need to transfer data with USB from the CNC to a PC and then back. The software optimization and the whole process can be done on the CNC machine can be done. We saved you time so you can cut more wheels!


The 15″ touchscreen controller with Windows 7 operating system provides you easy and convenient usage. The machine is user-friendly, which means you do not need to transfer the data from the CNC to a PC with a USB. The probe tip is 0.1mm, so it has much more accuracy when it touched the edge of the wheel. 2-3 hours of training can be enough for a new worker.


  • PC based machine can be operated with a 15″ Touch screen
  • Rim cutting from 14″ to 28″
  • Completed automatic function, convenient for the operator to use it
  • 15″ touchscreen controller (no need to transfer data with USB)
  • Special probe with digitizing software does all manual measuring work
  • Digitizing probing system and software
  • 12″ with 3 jaws chuck
  • 4-way tool post
  • Diamond cutters
  • X and Z axis servo motor
  • Automatic oil lubrication
  • Fully enclosed (Security guard door)
  • HIWIN Liner-Guide Way
  • Working light
  • Toolbox
  • Training video CD and manual books

Why buy?

Let’s count together!
To purchase such an expensive machine like a CNC one is not so easy for any business, but it makes sense. And I’m not just thinking that you can get the local market leader status in your area because no one else offers the same service like this, but also on the return.
Average diamond cutting goes from 80.00$ to 250.00$.
If you do the math, four rims a day 5 days a week. That is 1600.00$ a week with the lowest fee (80.00$). More than 80k a year. And not even talked about the satisfied new and old customers.
Let’s contact us for a free demonstration in our showroom (Miami, FL).


CNC Diamond-Cut Lathe Technology & Refurbishment

Additional information



X axis trave


Z axis trave


Max. wheel diamete

712mm (28")

jaw chuc

12" with 3 steps soft jaw

Bed widt


Spindle moto

5 kw

Spindle spee

0-3000 r/min

Max. Measured depth of prob


X axis rapid travers


Z axis rapid travers


Cutting feed rate rang


Position accurac

X – 0.01mm, Z – 0.01mm

Re-position accurac

X – 0.007mm, Z – 0.008mm

Machine size (LxWxH

1900 x 1300 x 1600 mm

Packing size (LxWxH

2080 x 1530 x 1730 mm

Net Weight / Gross Weigh

1300kg / 1400kg – 2860lbs/3100lbs


3phases / 220V or 380V


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