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Wheel sandblasting machine

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Wheel sandblasting machine


Product Advantages:

1. The operation is simple, the efficiency is high, and different strength sand materials can be replaced according to different process requirements, and the sand material is automatically recycled to save costs.
2. The number of spray guns is l, the spray gun is made of aluminum alloy, and the nozzle is made of wear-resistant boron carbide material, allowing customers to use diamonds, silicon carbide, and other sharp sand materials with confidence.
3. Cyclone separator and thermostat can be installed according to the product and sand. The cyclone separator can effectively separate the swimming sand and dust to recover the escaped sand, which reduces the loss of sand and reduces the burden on the filter bag.
4. Equipped with a crawler dust collector, can clear the dust generated in the work, colleagues can avoid the phenomenon of dust spontaneous combustion.



Product Parameters

Item Specification
Working pressure 0.3-0.7 Mpa
Air consumption 2-3m³/min
Gun 1piece
Air source takeover pipe diameter Φ16mm
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Working cabin dimensions 900*600*630
Dimensions 1100*900*1600mm
Net weight 220kg
Packing weight 250kg