GammaGT28 Wheel Combo

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The perfect solution for smaller or mobile tire shops as this 2-in-1 package doesn’t require too much space!


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GammaGT28 Wheel Combo is a package that includes the following machines:

GAMMA10-28 W-898XS tire changer is a commercial-grade tire machine with a range that handles up to 28″. It’s equipped with the GTPL240 Power Assist Arm is the easy way to change tough/stiff low profile and run-flat tires.
FASEP B110 Digital Wheel Balancer which is a high-quality digital wheel balancer with hand-spin that is suitable for car, vans, SUVs and light truck wheels. The balancer is light and portable. It’s a perfect equipment for small shops and mobile tire shops as it’s very easy and simple to fix on any flat surface.

The 24” version with no assisting arm is also available for less by $1200 than this price!



GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer

  • Swing arm style Mount/Demount head
  • Fast Swing-Arm Style
  • Side mounted bead breaker
  • Stainless Steel Bead Breaker Cylinder with New 3 Second Speed
  • 41mm Hex Bar for Mounting Head
  • X Turntable Cutouts
  • Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws
  • Lubricator, water separator, and air pressure regulator
  • The GTPL240 system uses a powerful pneumatic cylinder to press or lift the tire beads into place
  • taking the effort out of changing the toughest tires while keeping the process a one-man job. The
  • unit bolts onto the top of the existing tower on Tire Changers.

Technical specifications:

Max. Tire Diameter 49″
Max. Rim Width 3″ – 15″
Inside Clamping Range 15″ – 28″
Outside Clamping Range 13″ – 26″
Working pressure 110 – 175 psi
Hex Bar for Mounting Head 41 mm
Power Supply 1.5 HP / 110 Volt / 20 amp
Bead Breaker 5500 lbs
Quick Deflation Valves for Bead
Breaker Cylinder with 3 second speed
Shipping Weight 595 lbs
With W-MC/ATV Adapter Range Inverted 16″ – 29″
With W-MC/ATV Adapter Range Reverted 9″ – 22″


FASEP B110 Digital Wheel Balance

  • Control Panel with multifunction keypad (double LED display)
  • Shaft 40 mm
  • Desktop basement for mobile service
  • Quick-Lock nut
  • Hand spin
  • Manual data input
  • Self Calibration with Calibration weight
  • Self Diagnostic
  • ALU programs (stick-on weights)
  • ALU-S program for the manual application of stick-on weights
  • ASF Alu Special Functions (ALU-Mat, ALU-Din)
  • MOTO program
  • User Setup
  • SPLIT program (Hidden Weights)
  • MARS program for Static minimization
  • FCC program
  • Cones: 42-98 mm

Technical specifications:

Power Supply 220V / 50-60 Hz / 1Ph
Motor Rating 60W
Power Source 50W
Balancing Speed 98 rpm
Rim Diameter 8″ – 26″ (200 mm – 650 mm)
Wheel Width max. 16″ (400 mm)
Wheel Weight max. 198 lbs (90 kg)
Working Time 4 -15 sec.
Accuracy 1 gr.

The package includes the shelf which makes it possible to set up the balancer and the tire changer together!

Dimensions all together: 58”x60”x72”


Additional information

Weight 790 kg
Max. Tire Diamete


Max rim widt

3" – 15"

Inside Clamping Rang

15" – 28"

Outside Clamping Rang

13" – 26"

Working Pressur

110 – 175 psi

Hex Bar for Mounting Hea

41 mm

Bead Breake

5500 lbs

Shipping Weigh

595 lbs

Power suppl

220V / 50-60 Hz / 1Ph

Motor Ratin


Power Sourc


Balancing Spee

98 rpm

Rim Diamete

8" – 26" (200 mm – 650 mm)

Wheel Widt

max. 16" (400 mm)

Wheel Weigh

max. 198 lbs (90 kg)

Working tim

4 – 15 sec


1 gr


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