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Rim Straightener Pangea


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Professional rim straightener and repair with a lathe. Not only push but pull. Hands-free operation. The best rim straightening equipment is there!

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Rim straightener Pangea

  • Unique 2 automatic pressing heads, you can fix 2 different positions at the same time
  • Matchless probe, flexible bi-directional measuring system at the same time too
  • Faster than you would think!

Features and specifications

  • The latest and newest technology in rim repair
  • The probe, which is positioned on the rim with a joystick, can measure the up-down flexures and also in the meantime the right-left precessions on the rim due to its patented design
  • It has a strong and rigid turning system which specially designed
  • The machine equipped with two pressing pedals. These pedals can be controlled separately with an 8 directional joystick
  • The direction of the pressing pedals mounted on can be calibrated as required
  • Has 2 Heads – Multi-function support positions
  • Robust and reliable machine with built-in lathe
  • Rim sizes: 12″-28″
  • Lots of standard accessories
  • Multi-function support positions
  • Adjustable lathe
  • Gearbox driven
  • Multi-function joystick
  • Electronic rotate control
  • Digital measuring – the digital gauge shows how much the rim is bent and the arrows indicate the direction of the damage.
  • Approx. 10-13 minutes repair time/rim
  • Has two different engines one hydraulic for the piston and one working to spin the rim and for the lathe
  • Multi-function support positions for the pushing heads


What are the differences between rim-straighteners?

Optional accessories

Extra, extended pushing heads set for Atek Makina Rim Straighteners

Extra centerings for Atek Makina rim repair machines


Additional information

Weight 2100 kg
Rim sizes

10" – 28"


220V 60Hz 1 phase









Hydraulic working pressure


Hydraulic engine


Working engine


Rotating speed



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