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The machine is perfect for any tire shop or rim repair shop. Deals with bents and with the built-in lathe also capable of doing the tidying and refinish. It also can be equipped with a clean and polish kit so with that you can give a nice refinish for the lathe.

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Rim straightener with a lathe

Kaiser 5400 is with a moving lathe accessory and can do all wheel repairs. The lathe holder is reinforced for the perfect wheel repair.

Features and Specifications

  • Rim diameter: 10″- 24″
  • The only difference between the Kaiser 5700 and the Kaiser 5400 is the lathe.
  • While the Kaiser 5700 has a turning lathe, the Kaiser 5400 has a sliding one. Apart from this, there is no real difference between the 5400 and the 5700.
  • Lots of standard accessories
  • Standard big support kit
  • V-belt driven (unlike the gearbox types it needs maintenance sometimes)
  • Equipped with two engines – one for the hydraulics (the pressing head) and one is the working engine which spins the rim
  • Approx. 15-20 minutes repair time/rim depending on experience
  • The optional clear and polish kit can be attached
    Sliding lathe

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Optional accessories

Extra, extended pushing heads set for Atek Makina Rim Straighteners

Extra centerings for Atek Makina rim repair machines

Support bar for rim

Big bridge support for Kaiser rim straighteners

Rim-wheel polish and clean kit


Additional information

Weight 803 kg
Rim diameter










Working pressure (hydraulic)


Hydraulic engine power cons


Working engine power cons


Rotating speed



220V/60Hz 1phase

1 review for Rim straightener Kaiser 5400 with lathe – IN STOCK

  1. Jose, Phoenix

    Easy to Assemble/Quality product.
    This product works great. I have a tire shop and it repairs wheels with ease. Easy to assemble right out the box. Would recommend.

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