Tire Fix Road Simulator

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If you want professional tire care, make prestige how handle wheels of Sport and Exotic sports cars. This car’s tire speed rating [sign on the tire V Z W Y or (Y)]. The maximum speed limit from 149 until 186+ Mph. In this range, every small unbalanced parts matter.

Of course useful for handling any lower-speed wheels especially SUVs and VANs.

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road tester tire fix road simulator

This professional equipment simulates the effects of rolling on the streets which helps the tire to get the best fit on the rim.

After changing tires on any rims the tire needs to run a couple of miles till it gets to its correct place. This machine helps you to quicken this process as it simulates the effects of running on the road. After using this machine you don’t have to be afraid of disappointed clients coming back with flat tires!

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Max. Tire Diamete

32" (830 mm)

Min. Tire Diamete

14" (360 mm)

Motor Powe

0.75 kW

Control Pane

24V (DC)

Power Inpu


Working Pressur

8 – 10 bar


1200 mm


1300 mm


830 mm


617 lbs (280 kg)


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