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Gammatrade recommends a quick and simple solution for the straightening of steel, aluminum, and alloy wheels.
With over 85% of cars now having alloy wheels and the state of our roads diminishing, the market potential for straightening wheels has never been higher.
We can offer a wide range of rim straighteners from the basic manual models up to the full-automatic solutions. We have a unique kit, which added our hydraulic rim straighteners, all in one, Straightening-Lathe-Polisher.
We took the time and went around the major factories and have chosen the BEST quality products for our customers.

Lots of times rim is bent, cracked, or oval-shaped.
Now, if you don’t want to send your customer to another tire shop it is handy to have a rim straightener. You won’t lose business and actually, yours is going to be the ‘other shop’ where the customers will be sent.

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Kaiser 5400 and Polish kit package


Kaiser 5700 + Polish kit package


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Rim straightener Jumbo Double rim press


Original price:$12,020.00

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Rim straightener Jumbo K with lathe


Original price:$10,000.00

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Rim straightener Jumbo with lathe


Original price:$8,778.00

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Rim straightener Junior S


Original price:$4,200.00

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Rim straightener Kaiser 5400 with lathe


Original price:$7,512.00

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Rim straightener Kaiser 5700 with lathe


Original price:$7,479.00

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Rim straightener Kaiser 57T00


Original price:$5,798.00

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Rim Straightener Pangea


Original price:$26,000.00

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Rim Straightener Pangea with Quick Clamp


Original price:$32,000.00

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Rim straightener Professional Digital


Original price:$23,200.00

Speedyround Evo II fully Automatic straightener


Speedyround Plus fully automatic straightener with lathe and heating up to 28″.