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1-2 days On-site Program (at your business location)

2 hours ONLINE Assistance


Additional toolkit for 19-22″ rims


Air Die Grinder Kit 1/4″ (6mm) – IN STOCK


Big bridge support for Kaiser rim straighteners


On sale

Caruzo Auto G26


Original price:$6,700.00

On sale

Columbus impact wrench with unlimited torque


Original price:$5,071.00

Complete Hydraulic Cylinder for Atekmakina rim straighteners – IN STOCK


On sale

Complete ONLINE Assistance program – up to 5 hours


Original price:$920.00

On sale

CRIS Dolly, Vehicle Mover


Original price:$29,400.00

Dial Indicator IN STOCK


On sale

Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base – IN STOCK


Original price:$58.00

On sale

Digital Dial Indicator IN STOCK


Original price:$54.00

On sale

ELEGANCE CNC Wheel Diamond Cutting Expert


Original price:$54,500.00

Extra centerings for Atek Makina rim repair machines


Extra, extended pushing heads set for Atek Makina Rim Straighteners


FASEP B110 Digital Wheel Balancer with hand spin


On sale

FASEP S206 SA 25 Tire Changer


Original price:$9,750.00

On sale

FASEP S228 VR Moto swing and lifter


Original price:$14,770.00

On sale

FASEP S228 VRF Moto swing and lifter


Original price:$16,900.00

On sale

FASEP S237 Super Automatic


Original price:$19,900.00

On sale

FASEP V558 Crossfire Digital 3D Wheel Balancer


Original price:$5,620.00

On sale

FASEP V653 Revolution – EPL 3D Aut Wheel Balancer


Original price:$19,900.00

On sale

FASEP V688 Laser 3D Touchless Wheel Balancer


Original price:$14,480.00

On sale

Favorite G101


Original price:$3,700.00

FEMAS PWL100 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter for Trucks


On sale

FEMAS PWL60 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter


Original price:$1,743.00

FEMAS PWL80 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter


FEMAS Wheel Lifter for Tire Changers


Full Accessories box for Atek Makina rim straighteners – IN STOCK


Gamma GT Smartbooth


Gamma gt smartcure UV cure for mobile bussinesses


On sale

Gamma Gt Smartprep rack Double


Original price:$5,950.00

Gamma Gt Smartprep rack Single


GAMMA W-937 Wheel Balancer


GAMMA W-977 Wheel Balancer


GAMMA10-24 W-894XS Tire Changer


GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer With GTPL240 Assist Arm


On sale

GammaGT CNC26PC Diamond Cut Lathe Machine + FREE ROAD TESTER


Original price:$43,400.00

GammaGT CNC28LT Diamond Cut Lathe Machine + FREE ROAD TESTER




On sale

GammaGT SmartCure UV cure for shops


Original price:$12,750.00

GammaGT Smartsukker Double tray


GammaGT Smartsukker Single tray


On sale

GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel and Parts Washer


Original price:$9,650.00

GammaGT28 Wheel Combo


GT2 Wheel Straightening Wrench – IN STOCK


On sale

Half day Program in Miami/Hollywood (up to 5 hours)


Original price:$1,120.00