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1-2 days On-site Program (at your business location)

2 hours ONLINE Assistance


Additional toolkit for 19-22″ rims


Air Die Grinder Kit 1/4″ (6mm) – IN STOCK


Big bridge support for Kaiser rim straighteners – IN STOCK


On sale

Caruzo Auto G26


Original price:$6,700.00

On sale

Columbus impact wrench with unlimited torque


Original price:$5,071.00

Complete Hydraulic Cylinder for Atekmakina rim straighteners – IN STOCK


On sale

Complete ONLINE Assistance program – up to 5 hours


Original price:$920.00

On sale

CRIS Dolly, Vehicle Mover.


Original price:$29,400.00

Dial Indicator IN STOCK


On sale

Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base – IN STOCK


Original price:$58.00

On sale

Digital Dial Indicator IN STOCK


Original price:$54.00

Extra, extended pushing heads set for Atek Makina Rim Straighteners – IN STOCK!


FASEP B110 Digital Wheel Balancer with hand spin


On sale

FASEP S206 SA 25 Tire Changer


Original price:$9,750.00

On sale

FASEP S228 VR Moto swing and lifter


Original price:$14,770.00

On sale

FASEP S228 VRF Moto swing and lifter


Original price:$16,900.00

On sale

FASEP S237 Super Automatic


Original price:$19,900.00

On sale

FASEP V558 Crossfire Digital 3D Wheel Balancer


Original price:$5,620.00

On sale

FASEP V653 Revolution – EPL 3D Aut Wheel Balancer


Original price:$19,900.00

On sale

FASEP V688 Laser 3D Touchless Wheel Balancer


Original price:$12,650.00

On sale

Favorite G101


Original price:$3,700.00

FEMAS Pneumatic Wheel Lifter for Trucks


On sale

FEMAS PWL60 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter


Original price:$1,743.00

FEMAS PWL80 Pneumatic Wheel Lifter


FEMAS Wheel Lifter for Tyre Changers


Full Accessories box for Atek Makina rim straighteners – IN STOCK


Gamma GT Smartbooth


Gamma gt smartcure UV cure for mobile bussinesses


On sale

Gamma Gt Smartprep rack Double


Original price:$5,950.00

Gamma Gt Smartprep rack Single


GAMMA W-937 Wheel Balancer


GAMMA W-977 Wheel Balancer


GAMMA10-24 W-894XS Tire Changer


GAMMA10-28 W-898XS Tire Changer With GTPL240 Assist Arm


On sale

GammaGT CNC26PC Diamond Cut Lathe Machine


Original price:$46,700.00

On sale

GammaGT CNC28LT Diamond Cut Lathe Machine


Original price:$48,700.00



GammaGT Power Voltage Stabilizer, Regulator, Line conditioner 30KVA 3Phase


On sale

GammaGT SmartCure UV cure for shops


Original price:$12,750.00

GammaGT Smartsukker Double tray


GammaGT Smartsukker Single tray


On sale

GammaGT Ultrasonic Wheel and Parts Washer


Original price:$9,650.00

GammaGT28 Wheel Combo


GT2 Wheel Straightening Wrench – IN STOCK


On sale

Half day Program in Miami/Hollywood (up to 5 hours)


Original price:$1,120.00

Hydraulic Control Valve For Junior S (14S00)