Technical questions of machines

When I buy rim straighteners are they ready to use?

Yes, when you buy the machine, it’s ready to use, all accessories are included. 

What is the input power needed for rim straighteners?

Most of the machines work with 208 to 230V, 1 phase, but we have 110V, 1 phase rim repair machine for those who don’t have 220V. 

Need compressed air to use rim repair machines? 

For operation, our rim repair machines do not use compressed air. Someone uses it, to clean the machine or rim.

What kind of protection necessary when using the rim repair machine?

You need to protect your eyes and hands. You must wear industrial eyeglasses and gloves. For added safety, the machine operator needs to read the manual and check the safety labels on the machine.

How often is needed for a factory technician to check the rim repair machines?

Almost all hydraulic rim straightener machines do not need periodic factory service. All information on maintenance is inside the manual and the machine user can check them easily.

Do you have a specialized steel wheel repair machine?

Yes, we have a solution. Our rim straightener machines are suitable to adapt steel wheels. The good news, we have special roller straightener machines for steel wheels.