Technical questions of refurbishing

What kind of damages can be on the wheel?

There can be two types of damages are possible, structural and cosmetic. 

Can all rims be fixed?

In theory, all kinds of damaged rims can be repaired. Except in some cases, for example, a center-bent wheel or spoke damages. There are many situations, so in general, we would say that you can easily judge after a few months in the business – don’t forget, safety first.

Which part of the rim suffers the most? 

The typical rim damage is on the inner side of the rim, which can’t be seen when the wheel is on the car. That is why we need to check the condition of the rim every time when we change your tires. Those damages that can be seen are only on the face part, or on the lip of the rim, but most of them are only cosmetic damages. Of course, all of the mentioned damages can be repaired with our machines.

Is a broken wheel repairable? 

Short answer, yes, but not all broken wheel is recommended to be repaired. 

What is the biggest rim that can be repaired?

The maximum rim size can be repaired depends on the rim straightener machine. Most can repair up to 24’ but some of them can up to 30”. Our largest machine works up to 30”!

Do I need to heat the rim?

Everyone agrees that heating is useful. There are two different practices. The ones who heat the rims during straightening and the ones who don’t. There are numerous kinds of damage and circumstances when you must heat the damaged wheels.

Do I have to wash the wheel before starting a repair?

Most of the time it is not necessary to wash the wheel, enough for local cleaning where it has damage, but when you are completely refurbishing and paint a wheel, you need to wash the whole wheel.

How long does it take to repair a bent rim?

When you go to a tire shop and a technician found a bent part of the rim, he can repair an average bent between 10-30 minutes, however, it depends on experience, the machinery, and the level of the machine.

How much can I charge for a repair?

Average straightening goes from 65 to 220 USD. Do the math, two rims a day, 5 days a week. That is $640 a week with the lowest fee ($65). More than 30k a year. Our basic level machine is around $4k!